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Title EffectiveDate document_type Description
Keynote address at the consultative meeting towards developing the Ecumenical Health Strategy 17 March 2017 Lecture - Speech Keynote address by Prof. Dr Isabel Apawo Phiri, WCC deputy general secretary, at the Consultative meeting towards developing the Ecumenical Health Strategy, 27 February 2017, Maseru, Lesotho.
Churches Recommit to Accelerate HIV Response 28 June 2016 Pastoral letter With this letter issued at its Central Committee meeting in Trondheim, the WCC reaffirmed its commitment to eliminating AIDS as a public health threat by 2030.
Call to Action from Faith Communities 07 June 2016 Statement: public statement At an interfaith prayer service on the eve of a UN High Level Meeting on AIDS, people from diverse faith communities issued a call to action to end AIDS as a public health threat by 2030.
Child-friendly Version CRC General Comment Right to Health 01 January 2016 Background document The goal of this workbook is not to but to be an interactive tool through which children can be guided in their discussions prior to embarking on advocacy initiatives.
I am here, I belong 01 November 2015 Report Stateless children are born into a world in which they will face a lifetime of discrimination; their status profoundly affects their ability to learn and grow, and to fulfil their ambitions and dreams for the future.
Prayer for Everyone, Ecumenical Centre, September 2015 23 September 2015 Liturgical text A special service organized by the World Council of Churches (WCC) at the Ecumenical Centre chapel in Geneva, Switzerland, dedicated prayers to the United Nations post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Congratulations to LCC 10 July 2015 Statement: letter Letter of congratulations to the Liberian Council of Churches on recieving distinction of “Commander, Order of the Star of Africa” by the Liberian government.
Symposium: Growing up in Conflict 26 May 2015 Background document Introductory brochure for the Symposium, Growing up in Conflict: The impact on children’s mental health and well-being, convened by UNICEF, in partnership with the Government of the Netherlands, on 26-28 May 2015 in The Hague.
Growing Up in Conflict 31 December 2014 Background document Securing Children’s Mental Health and Psychosocial Wellbeing in the Context of Escalating Conflicts around the World.
The Healing Ministry of The Churches Today 18 July 2014 Lecture - Speech Keynote speech: The Healing Ministry of The Churches Today By Prof. Isabel Apawo Phiri, Associate General Secretary for Public Witness and Diakonia, World Council of Churches (WCC) at the international symposium on “Christian Responses to Global Health and Development” - 50 years after “Tübingen I” German Institute for Medical Mission (DIFAEM) 26 - 29 June 2014
A call to health and healing: Declaration Tübingen III 17 July 2014 Statement: public statement A call to health and healing - Declaration Tübingen III from the participants of the Symposium “Christian Responses to Health and Development” held at the German Institute for Medical Mission (DIFAEM), Tübingen, Germany, from 26 – 28 June 2014.
Ecumenical Conversations Report 10 February 2014 Report Reports, Affirmations and Challenges from the Ecumenical Conversations at the WCC 10th Assembly
The Role of Religion in our Work for Peace and Justice 03 June 2013 Lecture - Speech Speech by Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit, WCC general secretary, at the United Nations conference on opportunities and challenges for the 21st century
Minute on Strengthening the Ecumenical Response to HIV/AIDS 23 February 2011 S The WCC Central Committee, meeting in Geneva 16-22 February 2011, approved this Minute on Strengthening the Ecumenical Response to HIV/AIDS.
EHAIA Impact Assessment, 2002-2009 02 January 2011 Advocacy report Is it possible to document the impact of a regional initiative that covers the whole of sub-Saharan Africa? It is certainly a challenge, but this publication shows that the ten-year existence of the Ecumenical HIV and AIDS Initiative in Africa (EHAIA) has changed the scene.
Letter on abductions in the Philippines 11 February 2010 S
62nd World Health Assembly 16 May 2009 S Civil society organizations and social movements from across the globe met in Geneva, on 15-16 May, 2009, at a Forum on Equity, Justice and Health, organized by Peoples Health Movement, Third World Network, and the World Council of Churches to share concerns and recommend actions that civil society views as being of critical importance for advances in global Health and health equity. Based on the discussions they presented to the WHO and member countries participating in the 62nd World Health Assembly some overarching concerns as well as specific recommendations on the two resolutions on Primary Health Care and Social Determinants of Health.
Joint call on Zimbabwean leaders 14 November 2008 S
Theological Education for Holistic Healing 06 November 2008 B
Minute on health for all 26 September 2008 M This minute on the 30th anniversary of the Alma Ata Declaration which called for "health for all" was approved by consensus by the WCC executive committee in Luebeck, September 2008.
WCC and new and emerging technologies 01 January 2008 S The author of this e-book, Dr Gregor Wolbring is a member of CAC/ISO - Canadian Advisory Committees for the International Organization for Standardization, section TC229 Nanotechnologies; a former member of the Executive Committee of the Canadian Commission for UNESCO; a Disabled People's International Bioethics Taskforce Chair; a biochemist, health researcher, and a researcher on ethics, sociology and governance of emerging technology researcher, and disability/ability studies. This e-book is not an official WCC publication but a discussion paper.
Contact Magazine Nr 185 01 December 2007 Advocacy report HIV and AIDS treatment: Faith-based organizations (FBOs) get involved.
Letter to the President of Rwanda 07 August 2007 S
HIV and AIDS curriculum for Theological Education by Extension 01 January 2007 Advocacy report This series is produced as a resource for the empowerment of the body of Christ - to nurture the church as it seeks to become an HIV&AIDS competent church. The series consists of a distant learning curriculum and ten modules.
Interfaith conference 02 December 2006 S
Joint Report of the Programme and Policy Reference Committees (adopted) 06 September 2006 R
UNGASS survey report 15 August 2006 Report Review and appraisal of the progress made towards the implementation of the UNGASS declaration of commitment to combating HIV/AIDS and WCC workplace policy by the churches (August 2006)
Contact Magazine Nr 182 01 August 2006 Article - News item Several articles from Contact primarily dedicated to the problem of HIV/AIDS.
CCA workshop, Seoul, Korea 13 June 2006 Report EDAN-CCA workshop on Asian ecumenical process on life and peace for people with disability
World Health Day service 07 April 2006 Liturgical text Order of service for morning prayers at the Ecumenical Centre, focusing on health workers and the congregations' role in providing health and healing.
United Methodist Church (Global AIDS fund) 07 April 2006 S
United Methodist Church (Drugs & HIV/AIDS) 07 April 2006 S
World YMCA 02 April 2006 S
Towards a policy on HIV/AIDS 01 January 2006 P
Learning about HIV and AIDS 01 January 2006 Policy document A basic manual for pastors and teachers
Into the sunshine 01 January 2006 Advocacy report This book contains various scholarly papers tackling the issue of ethics vs. HIV/AIDS from medical, philosophical and theological perspectives. It also contains modules for teaching ethics within the HIV and AIDS contexts.
WCC appeals to Libyan leader for clemency 24 May 2005 S
Moscow international conference 19 April 2005 S
Partnerships between churches and people living with HIV/AIDS organizations 01 January 2005 Policy document Guidelines (working document) 2005
Working with people living with HIV/AIDS organizations 01 January 2005 Background document This document has been written to accompany World Council of Churches, Partnerships between Churches and People Living with HIV/AIDS Organizations: Guidelines, (2005). Whereas the partnership document explores the question of why churches should work with People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) organizations and networks, this document has a focus on how churches may work with PLWHA organizations and networks. For example: What issues do you need to think about? What are the needs of PLWHA? How should you interact PLWHA? It is hoped that this document of practical suggestions will assist in helping make partnerships functional and effective.
Working with people living with HIV/AIDS organizations 01 January 2005 B
Partnerships between churches and people living with HIV/AIDS organizations 01 January 2005 Policy document Guidelines (working document) 2005
Youth manual on anti-stigma messages 01 January 2005 Policy document This manual will help youth to strengthen their capacities and increase their knowledge in the area of HIV, to make use of testimonies of their HIV+ brothers and sisters in order to be personally and collectively involved in the drawing up of programmes and projects to counteract the crisis.
Listening with love 01 January 2005 Background document This book is designed for all those Christians who are called to help people cope with HIV/AIDS. Step by step, it introduces us to the basic medical facts, and guides us through practical, loving approaches that enable us to empathize and communicate with those whose lives have been transformed by the disease.
Integrating HIV/AIDS into the ethics curriculum 01 January 2005 Policy document This book contains modules for teaching ethics within the HIV and AIDS contexts. The modules deal with the subject of prevention, quality care, stigmatisation and gender.
AIDS-related stigma 01 January 2005 Article - News item This paper's primary aim has been to explore the kind of cultural and theological beliefs that have served to justify the continued existence of power relations that precipitate AIDS-related stigma. It also aims to encourage readers to identify the mechanisms by which institutions draw on those beliefs to justify this.
Responses of the churches to HIV and AIDS in South Africa 01 January 2005 Background document The purpose of this study initiated by WCC/EHAIA is to review the responses of the churches to HIV and AIDS in South Africa within the context of the country and its peoples.
Epidemiological Data of some Western African countries 01 January 2005 Report This booklet presents a simple and concise picture of the HIV/AIDS situation in West African countries and its related political, socio-demographic and cultural determinants.
Ukimwi Ni Nini 01 January 2005 Background document Learning about AIDS
Sida, Koyeba, Koyebisa 01 January 2005 Background document Learning about AIDS
Ny Fanambin'ny Fiangonana 01 January 2005 Report The challenges of the churches
Cairo declaration 13 December 2004 S
Latin American churches and organizations 01 December 2004 S
United Evangelical Mission 01 October 2004 S
Russian Orthodox Church 01 October 2004 S
Ecumenical Message to the Leaders of the Church in Sudan 04 September 2004 S
Minute on Zimbabwe 27 August 2004 S
Muslim Workshop on HIV/AIDS 09 July 2004 S
Archbishop of the Anglican Province of Central Africa 14 April 2004 S
WCC Pacific member churches 01 April 2004 S
Nadi declaration by WCC Pacific member churches 01 April 2004 S
Mental health 01 April 2004 B
World YWCA 01 March 2004 S
Latin American regional meeting 01 February 2004 S
Romanian Orthodox Church 27 January 2004 S
EHAIA leaflet 01 January 2004 Background document Leaflet introducing EHAIA (to be printed both sides of an A4 size paper and folded into three).
CONTACT magazine 177-78 01 January 2004 Article - News item Several articles from Contact primarily dedicated to the problem of HIV/AIDS and malaria.
LWF & United Evangelical Mission 04 December 2003 S
Indian Catholic bishops 01 December 2003 S
Catholic Bishops of Myanmar 01 December 2003 S
Interfaith AIDS Conference 25 November 2003 S
Church of Nigeria 14 November 2003 S
Seventh-Day Adventist Church 13 November 2003 S
Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar 07 October 2003 S
Norwegian Church Aid 29 September 2003 S
World YWCA 31 July 2003 S
LWF 10th Assembly 31 July 2003 S
Council for World Mission 25 June 2003 S
Anglican primates 27 May 2003 S
Lutheran World Federation 15 March 2003 S
Integrating HIV/AIDS in theological programmes 01 January 2003 Response to study document In response to HIV/AIDS and its consequences, this collection of essays by young African scholars proposes a pattern of Christian education designed to equip churches for ministry in a time of crisis.
HIV/AIDS curriculum for theological institutions 01 January 2003 Response to study document This is a revised edition of a first version of a curriculum published by MAP International in 2001 which was the result of two workshops sponsored by UNAIDS, World Council of Churches and MAP International.
Responses of the faith-based organisations to HIV/AIDS in Sub Saharan Africa 01 January 2003 Advocacy report This is an analysis by Dr. Sue Parry of FBOs in Sub Saharan countries.
Modèles de prédications 01 January 2003 Liturgical text Le présent ouvrage est le resultat des concertations entreprises par l'Initiative Oecuménique sur le VIH/SIDA en Afrique en collaboration avec des personnes désinteressées dans la lutte contre le VIH/SIDA. Il a pour but de proposer un langage que les Eglises peuvent utiliser pour lutter contre le VIH/SIDA.
Africa praying 01 January 2003 Background document This resource book is designed for all who have to handle situations created by this relatively new epidemic - church leaders/workers, Sunday school teachers, youth leaders, the laity.
Churches and HIV/AIDS in central and eastern Europe 18 December 2002 S
Consultation on faith, healing and mission (Ghana) 08 December 2002 Report hosted by the Church of Pentecost, Ghana
World YWCA 15 November 2002 S
Council of Anglican Provinces in Africa 22 August 2002 S
Anglican Communion across Africa 22 August 2002 S
WCC and Christian Conference of Asia 26 July 2002 S
Pan-African Lutheran Church leadership 07 May 2002
All Africa Conference of Churches 25 April 2002 S
Statement of Anglican primates on HIV/AID 17 April 2002 Statement: public statement Report of the meeting of primates of the Anglican Communion, Appendix III
Lutheran World Federation 12 January 2002 S
Christian Conference of Asia 30 November 2001 S
EHAIA consultation 28 November 2001 Policy document The ecumenical response to HIV/AIDS in Africa (EHAIA): Plan of action
World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance, Durban, South Africa, 26 August - 7 September 2001 07 September 2001 Statement: public statement Concluding statement issued by the World Council of Churches delegation
Southern Africa Bishops Conference: A message of hope 30 July 2001 S
Faith-based Organisations at the UNGASS on HIV/AIDS 27 June 2001 Advocacy report At this Special Session, the United Nations General Assembly dealt for the first time with the HIV/AIDS pandemic, and Faith-Based Organisations were asked to speak on this issue.
UN General Assembly Special Session on HIV/AIDS (UNGASS), New York, 25-27 June 2001 (copy 1) 27 June 2001 S
Church of Norway Bishops Conference 15 April 2001 S
CONTACT magazine no. 171 (Oct-Dec 2000) 01 December 2000 Background document Several articles from Contact primarily dedicated to the problem of HIV/AIDS.
Facing AIDS 01 January 1999 Response to study document This study guide accompanies the WCC's study document on HIV/AIDS : "Facing AIDS - The challenge, the churches response".
1997 Facing AIDS, the challenge, the churches' response 01 January 1997 Background document The challenge of AIDS calls for forthright and faithful response from Christians and the churches. This book is an important resource for shaping that response.
Central Committee statement 01 January 1996 Statement: public statement Statement adopted by the WCC Central Committee on the basis of the WCC Consultative Group on AIDS study process, September 1996.
Love in a time of AIDS 01 January 1995 Background document This book vividly recounts the stories of women in many countries. It shows how the AIDS crisis makes improving the status women not only a matter of theology and ethics but of health and survival.
AIDS and the Churches 19 August 1986 Statement: public statement Adopted by the WCC Executive Committee’s at its meeting in Reykjavik, Iceland 15-19 September 1986
Executive Committee statement 01 June 1986 Statement: public statement Statement of the WCC Executive Committee, after having received a report on the consultation held in Geneva in June 1986 on "AIDS and the Church as a Healing Community".
Climate Change - Children’s challenge Background document The cost of inaction will place a great economic burden on future generations. Children will bear the higher costs of not taking action today. Published by UNICEF.