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Prayer related to SDG2 Zero Hunger

(© 2005 WCC)

31 December 2005

Giver of all good things:
we thank you for answered prayer in the gift of daily bread.
At your command the seed germinates, and grain rises from the ground,
and labourers heed the call to work fields ripe for harvest.
By your grace the millers grind and bakers bake, so that cities and nations are fed.
Give all the people of this earth their daily bread, we pray.
(Sung response: Bendice, Señor, nuestro pan)

Head of the household of faith, you recognize every family by name:
we ask you to gather us together at the table of your abundance.
Open our eyes and ears, enliven each of our senses,
so that we may find in the bread that is so graciously given for all
clear proof of your sovereignty and providence.
(Sung response: Bendice, Señor, nuestro pan)

Bread of life, you are the ultimate source of our nourishment in body and spirit:
when women and men are most in need, and least confident,
surprise us again with merciful gifts appearing like manna
in the midst of those who face death, who mourn, who suffer and feel abandoned.
Give us the bread we need for each day, and lead us to share it willingly with the hungry.

(Sung response: Bendice, Señor, nuestro pan)

Teach us how to pray from our hearts, Lord, that we may come to trust entirely in you.
For you are with us in the gift of daily bread, yet accompany us too in times of fasting,
and remain our companion even in seasons of suffering, poverty and want.
Keep us in your love, and grant that we too may show love to you and to our neighbours.
We pray in the name of Jesus, who broke bread and shared it freely. Amen.

(© 2005 WCC)