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Recent WCC publications

Your God, My God, Our God: Rethinking Christian Theology for Religious Plurality

"This book distils the theological counsel of a pioneering thinker."—S. Mark Heim

Celebrating a Century of Ecumenism: Exploring the Achievements of International Dialogue

Modern ecumenism often traces its roots back to the 1910 World Missionary Conference in Edinburgh. "Celebrating a Century of Ecumenism" brings readers up to date on one hundred years of global dialogue between many different church traditions, including Anglican, Lutheran, Methodist, Roman Catholic, Pentecostal, Evangelical, Orthodox, Baptist, Disciples of Christ, Oriental Orthodox, and more. Eighteen essays by authors representing a wide spectrum of denominational interests outline the achievements of this movement toward unity.

Called to Be the One Church: Faith and Order at Crete

Report of the 2009 Meeting of the Plenary Commission — Faith and Order paper No.212

Shoki Coe: An Ecumenical Life in Context

Shoki Coe was a pastor of the Taiwan Presbyterian Church who grew up in Japanese-occupied Taiwan and went on to become a champion of Taiwanese democracy, a pioneer of Asian theology, and an advocate of Christianity in the global south. This is his story, well researched and engagingly written by Jonah Chang.

Just Peace Companion: Second Edition

The Just Peace Companion is a guide for individuals and groups to come together around the notion and practice of Just Peace, a holistic approach to peacemaking and social justice.

Spiritual Values for Earth Community

Churches and the ecumenical Christian community have been intensely involved in environmental issues and climate change. As the scientific community has come to consensus and public disputes have raged, the churches, church leaders, and the WCC have insisted that the ecological crisis is also, and fundamentally, an ethical and spiritual one. David Hallman’s brief, classic text speaks directly to these deeper issues and is here made available in an updated edition.

Liberating Lutheran Theology: Freedom for Justice and Solidarity with Others in a Global Context

The prophetic potential of global Christianity— Spanning the continents, three internationally respected theologians here demonstrate how the thought and legacy of Martin Luther can serve in an ecumenical and interfaith context as a resource for a radical yet helpful critique of global economics and contemporary culture.

One Baptism: Towards Mutual Recognition - A Study Text

One Baptism: Towards Mutual Recognition is a recent contribution to the churches’ quest for Christian unity. A decade in the making, it is a study document from the World Council of Churches’ Commission on Faith and Order that invites further dialogue among Christians concerning baptism within the One Church of Jesus Christ.

Many Women Were Also There...: The Participation of Orthodox Women in the Ecumenical Movement

Included in this volume are distinctive voices of Orthodox women – well-known theologians with a history of involvement who have made significant contributions to the ecumenical movement, but also promising theologians with new insights.

A Cloud of Witnesses: Opportunities for Ecumenical Commemoration

Commemorating the martyrdom and witness of Christians, both past and present, is a vital yet untapped source of Christian self-understanding and courage for the future. A Cloud of Witnesses reflects on the growing awareness that contemporary and historical witnesses to the Christian faith not only belong to individual confessional groups, but are also a source of inspiration for all the churches.

Justice Not Greed

Exploring different aspects of the current economic system and proposing alternatives, 14 leading Christian economists, theologians, ethicists and sociologists grapple with the failures of our financial system to tackle inequality, poverty and ecological destruction.

"You are the Light of the World": Statements on Mission by the World Council of Churches , 1980-2005

What do "mission" and "evangelism" mean in the theology and practice of churches active in the ecumenical movement today? "You Are the Light of the World" is a compendium of statements on Christian mission produced within the World Council of Churches (WCC) from 1980 through early 2005.