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San Vicente y las Granadinas

Organizaciones y consejos ecuménicos

Iglesias miembros del CMI con sede en San Vicente y las Granadinas

Iglesias miembros del CMI presente en San Vicente y las Granadinas

Nota: La lista de las iglesias presentes en los países todavía no está completa.

From 1763 until its independence, St. Vincent had a varying colonial relationship with Britain.  In 1776 a representative assembly was established; a Crown Colony government in 1877; a legislative council in 1925; and universal adult suffrage was granted in 1951.  St. Vincent was the establisher of the West Indies Federation, a failure in their attempt to gain freedom from Britain.  In finally gained full independence in 1979.  The land is plagued with many different natural disasters including volcanoes and hurricanes.  St. Vincent is primarily Christian due to its colonial background.  A native religion has developed on the island composed of African rituals and Christian liturgy; they are known as Converted Baptists.