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Iglesia de Cristo en el Congo - Comunidad Evangélica en el Congo

Familia de iglesias :
Con sede en : República Democrática del Congo
Presente en :
Membrecía : 83,746
Pastores : 114
Congregaciones : 87
Miembro de :
Miembro asociado de :
WCC Member Since : 1961
Website :

(Eglise du Christ au Congo - Communauté évangélique au Congo, CEC)

The Evangelical Community of Congo is the fruit of the work of the Swedish Missionary Alliance (now the Mission Covenant Church of Sweden) which was founded in 1878 as the result of a revival movement. The church became autonomous in 1961 and is a member community of the Church of Christ in Congo. It is concentrated in Lower Congo and has its headquarters in Luozi. Most of the work of the Evangelical Community is in rural areas but urban evangelism has made some very significant progress, e.g. in the city of Kinshasa where today 30 of the 87 congregations of the CEC are located. The church runs 157 primary and secondary schools, five hospitals and several dispensaries. Eight doctors and some sixty medical assistants care for more than 40,000 patients each year. The state has entrusted one hospital and two health centres to the CEC for a period of five years. The church works in close cooperation with the state. It is taking full charge of its prophetic mission, through its social commitment, the care for the earth through reafforestation, denunciation of social abuses and the promotion of virtues to make the society more human.

The church pursues the objective of holistic evangelization, in the framework of integrated and integral development. Besides evangelism its main concern is to be actively involved in education, health care, gender equality and the promotion of human dignity. The CEC maintains excellent relationships with the Mission Covenant Church of Sweden.

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