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National Council of Churches in American Samoa

Founded in 1985.

Basis of membership: Since we believe that it is God's will for all denominations in Samoa to become one, this council is established so as to attain that goal of oneness. We believe in the only true God, the Trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We confess that the Lord Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God; as revealed in the Holy Bible, through his saving works we have been redeemed. We mutually accept the Holy Bible as our only guidance in our faith and what we do.

Mission statement: Witnessing and serving God faithfully, with respect to each member's faith and doctrinal beliefs.

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Anglican Church

Baptist Church

Catholic Church in American Samoa

Church of Jesus Christ

Church of the Nazarene

Congregational Christian Church in American Samoa

Methodist Church in American Samoa



Women’s Ecumenical Fellowship in American Samoa

National Ecumenical Youth of American Samoa

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(Au sein des membres du COE)
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